Rules | English

Here you can find all the rules about our community.
Please inform yourself minimum once per week about changes.

General Rules:

  • Pay attention to a polite and friendly handling.
  • Fun and good conversation are the goal of the game.
  • Insults are not allowed on all servers..
  • Advertising in any form is prohibited.
  • Any suggestions as well as uses of cheats, hacks or the like lead to an instant permaban!
  • We can and will tolerate no racism, fascism or similar sentiments here!
  • The instructions of team members of the DayZeption Community must be followed.

Teamspeak / Discord Rules:

  • Pay attention to a polite and friendly handling.
  • (Sound-)recordings are only allowed with the consent of all persons involved and must be recognizable to newly joining persons.

Safezone Rules:

  • Safezone camping is strictly prohibited. This includes:
    1. Waiting in front of the safezone.
    2. Tracing after leaving the Safezone.
  • Steal from player in the safe zone is prohibited.
  • Any blocking in the Safezone is prohibited.
  • Playing music or using the megaphone is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to park cars in the safezone
    • e.g. Park the vehicle and logout
    • Blocking the car trader leads to deletion of the car
    • to sell the car you are welcome to stop in the safe zone

General InGame Rules:

  • There is a maximum of one account per player allowed.
  • The climbing/pentrating through objects, windows or is similar only allowed if this would be logically possible. (For example, no bars, climbing over walls etc.) Everything else will be punished as glitching.
    • Once the character penetrates a texture it is no longer allowed.

  • Combatlog (logging out in combat) is not welcome. If there are crashes, you must immediately rejoin the server.
    • A fight begins as soon as the fire (no campfire) is opened.
    • Should this happen to a player more often. Then he must expect a punishment.
  • The use of cars is at your own risk. We do not provide support for problems with cars.
  • The use of helicopters is only supported if a video evidence is available.

Basebuilding rules:

  • Plotpoles must have a distance of min. 100m.
  • It is no longer allowed to build on roofs.
  • Placing the Plotpole is allowed wherever you can place them.
  • A base must be 500m away from military bases and traders if available.
  • The distance to military checkpoints must be at least 100m.
  • Important buildings such as police stations, fire brigades, military objects and hospitals must not be barricaded.
  • Spawns of wood planks must remain freely accessible and may not be enclosed.
  • A base on a road may only be built up if it ends there and serves as an base entrance.
  • Max. 3 fences can be built on top of each other.
  • Watchtowers must not be stacked on top of each other.
  • It is not allowed to build on water.
  • The entrances of a base may not be blocked.
  • Entrances from bases may not be built with tents.
  • If a base decrease the game perfomance we will contact you and do something against it.
  • Reserving of base building sites is not permitted. As soon as a plot pole has been built, you have to start building a base at this position.
  • Only one Plotpole is allowed per squad / so only one Base per squad.

Baseraiding Rules:

  • Raiding is only possible / allowed if the base is accesible without glitching.
  • Emptying tents & containers or dismantling parts of cars to despawn items is not allowed. Everyone should only take what they need. The rest remains intact in the base.
  • To log off in a stranger/enemy base is not allowed. If there are crashes, you have to relog in the server immediately.
  • Human bridges are only allowed with a maximum of one additional person.
  • People stacking is only allowed with a maximum of one additional person.
Kind of Raid Allowed
People Stacking ✔️ Boosting players with another Player (Player on Player).
Object Boost
✔️ Placing objects to jump into the base. (Max. 1 object and only allowed if no object floats)
Car Boosting ✔️ The use of a car to climb on it and jumping in the base.
Item Stacking Picking up and placing objects in order
to boost in the air by making the items float.
Object Building
Placing watchtowers, fences or SimpleRoof
in front of a base to jump into the base.
Gltiching Taking advantage of glitches to gain access to bases.

Violations and their consequences:

Glitches & Offense Allowed 1. Violation 2. Violation 3. Violation
Streamsnipe Perm Ban / /
Item Stacking 48h Ban Perm Ban /
Wallrun 48h Ban Perm Ban /
Duping 48h Ban Perm Ban /
Safezone theft 24h Ban 72h Ban Perm Ban
Viewglitches 24h Ban Perm Ban
Music in Safezone Kick 24h Ban Perm Ban
Safezone Camping Warning 24h Ban Perm Ban
Glitching to enter a base 100K ruble penalty payment to affected + refund + 24H ban or 7 days ban / /
Other rule violations Any other offense will be punished at the admins discretion / /