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When support ?

Supportcase Support? Comment
Car lies on the roof Please use a wrench to flip your car by looking on the tires.
Car is bugged in the ground To get a car out of the ground, you can try to put items (like a fireplace or barrel in the car) to move it on the ground
Car disappeared in Base A car can disappear for various reasons, this can also be caused by some known DayZ bugs. The use of vehicles is at your own risk.
Streamsniping ✔️ You need a clear evidence of this
Illegal Base Raid ✔️ Items are only refunded with a screenshot/video of the base.
Tent not degradable ✔️ No tents from other players
You get no money from the trader ✔️ With video evidence only! Use shadowplay or similar for this
Corpse is gone /
Items stolen at the safe zone ✔️ No refund! However the player is punished.
Issues with Carkeys /
Items stolen through wall Each player is responsible for how he builds his base. When building, make sure that it is safe.

Where do you receive support?

Platform Description
TeamSpeak Join our TeamSpeak and wait in the "Warte auf Support / Waiting" channel. As soon as someone is there, he will help you.
Discord To get support in Discord, please open a new ticket in the Ticket Channel.