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  • hi i dont understand german, 30 minutos take me to find how write in the forum, then

    my problem, I was banned because i steal a unlocked car, i think its permises, some people take weapons of my car on a trade zone then me too.

    well i wanna tell yo too, i like your server but people need more english information please im from spain,

    and i know your server crashes , and i know how to solved, you need remove all vehicles (vehicles its very lag, in a server with 100 players no lag and screencuts without vehicles) maybe you can config to limits vehicles per player. thanks for your attention,

    and i hope you removed me ban soon,

    • Hey, first of all, thank you for contacting us. It is best to always come to us in the Discord, the fastest way to get help. All I can say about your ban is that it only applies to 24 hours. So you should be able to play again tonight. However, it is not ok that you steal a car just because someone stole from you. The others were also punished